Breathing exercises during coronavirus era.
How to breathe by physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald
These are YouTube videos that you may find useful or fun.
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Warm Up film
Guided breathing and physical warm-ups to prepare body and mind to sing.
Sing-a-long  Daisy daisy
Sing-a-long  Moon River
Sing-a-long Kookubura sings
Sing-a-long I'd like to teach the
world to sing
Sing-a-long My bonnie
Sing-a-long Consider yourself
Sing-a-long Happy talk
Sing-a-long Some enchanted Evening
Sing-a-long Charlie is me darlin'
Sing-a-long Wonderful World
Sing-a-long Wild Mountain thyme
17 Virtual museum tours to take from your sofa
Just for fun!
How To Get Fit And Stay Fit!!
You may wonder why I haven't started an 'online choir'. Unfortunately it isn't possible to actually 'sing together' over the internet due to different speeds and quality of WIFI etc. Ones you may see on Youtube are sung individually and then laboriously edited together. Just to show you, here is an attempt to sing the simple round 'London's burning' with some choir friends!! Ha ha ha!
Where it all started. :)